The Kickflip

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To do a kickflip you will stand in a position a little different than the ollie. You will put your back foot on the top right end of the tail, and you will put your right foot just behind the truck bolts, but let your heel hang over the side. Start by bending your knees and then shifting your weight to your back foot to pop the board,jump a little then quickly lift your back foot off the board while draggind your front foot to the nose. Drag it off the board at the groove of your nose and your board. Let the board fully flip under your feet before you come back down. Once it is fully flipped extend your feet down to touch the board and prevent it from over flipping. Once the board is under your feet make sure you are on the truck bolts an that your weight is evenly spread out. Land by stomping down. Once your on the ground roll away smoothly.
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